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Good Success Private Tuition was born in 2009. The founder – Mrs Dorcas Olowoyo FCCA, FCA, FFA/FIPA who is a fellow of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) was approached by her friend to assist with the preparation of some students for Bexley Council 11 Plus exam. Considering the time she had to sacrifice out of her tight schedule as a professional accountant, it took much persuasion from her friend before she accepted. However, she was so excited once she started and saw how interesting it was to impact knowledge into the students and the rate at which the students’ performance improved rapidly. Within the 3 months of preparation, she was able to achieve a 90% pass rate with one of the students in the best 180 students’ category who took the Bexley exam that year. To her, that was so fulfilling. This fuelled her passion to see more students achieve the same level of success.

This pass rate generated so many referrals which drew not only 11 Plus students but other students for Maths tuition for both primary and secondary schools.

The private tuition soon grew to a point that her first daughter, a first-class graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering joined her to provide tuition for both Maths and Science. Her husband, who is a professional trainer/assessor and a qualified teacher assisted with English tuition.

In 2012, her family relocated to Manchester. She could not wait to settle down before starting the tuition in 2013. 

Good Success Private Tuition which started from her house, moved to 344 Moston Lane in 2015 and presently to a 2-floor building at 45 Kenyon Lane as a result of expansion. We have produced so many outstanding 11Plus students for various grammar schools in Manchester. Most of our GCSE students achieved straight “A”s and “A” stars and very few “B”s in Maths, English & Science.

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